And let it begin with me…

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Wandering around my home of late, I have pondered in the midst of COVID if there were things I might have done differently.

The course I recently completed — A Year To Live, The Gift of Life — also played into these moments of self-reflection.

The truth is I’d be right here, doing just exactly what I’m doing with exactly the Humans I’m doing it with.

No Regrets.

Life can spin on a dime. The Universe can throw a u-turn at us in a split-second. Nothing is ever a guaranteed slam dunk.

This year should have taught all of us that, even if our individual life experiences had failed to get the point across. Our Collective Experience as a society should open our eyes.

My Friend-With-A-Capital-F White Feather and I have conversed about The Collective Pain Body being activated. According to Eckhart Tolle — The Collective Pain Body of Humanity seeks suffering to feed on. And it’s addictive. It also contains All. The. Pain. suppressed and ignored from all of Humanity since time immortal.

This theory explains why Humans need to watch the news and witness over and over atrocities that don’t personally involve them. They feed on the pain of others. We can pretend it’s because we seek to be ‘informed’ — but we all know it’s not really the reason.

We count cases. And death tolls. In numbers most of us can’t even begin to get our minds around. The systemic corruption and brutality of our society built by “We, The People” is being viewed 24/7. And “We, The People” are not coming off as any kind of heroes for This-Sort-Of-Land-Of-The-Free-With-Exceptions we constructed.

We are choosing sides in both instances above and then inflicting and absorbing pain in Real Life — in our Now. Adding not only to The Collective Pain Body but making Our Life hell on earth.

But we can stop. We can choose differently. Every day we can choose peace over pain. We can do the work we need to do on ourselves which can get us there.

History has shown us the Humans who instigated the most vast social change — did so by spreading peace. They carried within themselves the seeds of that peace and then proceeded to sow them widely. Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa — all incredibly peaceful Humans who raised the vibration of the Human Collective by sharing their peace — their vision — with the world. And so healed bits and pieces of The Collective Pain Body, each in their own fashion.

We can make a difference in our world. We can live with No Regrets. The key is to reach out in your Now. To the Humans and situations that come your way. And to do so with peace, not pain.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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