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We all want to leave behind something of ourselves. A legacy. The fear of death drives people to do stupid things to make sure their names are on statues and buildings which will only be torn down.

What are the names which are written in the annals of Human History?

My FB feed is curated for kindness, on purpose. And I guard it like an Alpha Wolf to make sure that vibe remains consistent.

So — I get stories about the man who was seated in an auditorium for a presentation, completely unaware he was about to be honored for saving 669 Jewish children during World War II. Sir Nicholas Winston got to meet many of the “children” who were now adults and their families. The video of the event makes me cry. Every. Single. Time.

Or just today a 25 year-old-woman who raised 200 orphans. Maggie Doyne is the 2015 winner of the CNN Hero of the Year Award. Maggie raised funds and built a children’s home, women’s center and school in Surkhet, Nepal. She’s from Jersey. And 25. And this happened a few years back. Apparently, she is just getting started.

We don’t need more CEOs who are out there destroying families and laying off workers to make stock prices climb 0.004% to make the board members happy. Money and power are not what Life is about.

A real legacy that will live beyond the end of your days is held in the hearts of the Humans you touched. The Lives you saved, literally and figuratively.

Kindness, Love, and Compassion for the suffering of others — reaching out to do what we can, with what we have, where we are will bring us a rich and joy-filled existence in our own Lives and will let us leave behind the most lasting and important legacy of all.



“Forget the 80 million. Start with one.” — Maggie Doyne

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