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We learn to label from our infancy. Babies are encouraged to interact with their world by first identifying colors — red, blue, yellow. Older children learn math by exercises which ask them — which of these things are not like the others?

Is it any wonder we live in a world with all the ‘isms’? Our brains are programmed to look for and see the differences in everything — everywhere before we can even speak.

No one encourages us to see our similarities.

No one tells us God The Father of Jesus is Yahweh — AKA God The Father of Judaism — AKA Allah — God The Father of Islam. SAME GUY. All those religious wars are making perfect sense to me now.

No one tells us Humans, as we recognize them today originated in Africa. We are ALL African Americans. African Hispanics. African Europeans. African Asians. All Of Us. The Genocide ‘R’ Us contingency really needs This Memo.

No one tells us that we are more genetically similar to chimpanzees than rats are to mice. We are more like big primates where rats are less like big mice. We are related to other species on Planet Earth. Actually genetically similar.

And yes, that’s correct. Science IS a real thing, has BEEN a thing — for centuries. Came into fashion right after they put out the last Witch.

But — I digress.

Instead of seeing All. The. Things. we have in common, we are taught to see all the ways everything is different. Color, shape, size, species. Even within species. We have “Other” drilled into us constantly by society, religious communities, and educational institutes.

Until at last, we end where we are now. Not in the gigantic melting pot experiment America was meant to be — but in a country divided inside a World divided. People facing off in a civil war of “Us vs Them” with the sides ever changing. Is it White vs Black this week? Or Men vs Women? Republican pitted against Democrat? Liberal vs Conservative? Christian vs Christian/Catholic/Atheist/Pagan (because in religion all bets are off and the lines are completely blurred)?North vs South (because that war never ended)?

I could go on. But everyone feels it. Everyone chooses a side — likely more than one depending on which battle lines are being drawn.

Relationships get damaged or lost. Rationality flies out the window. People — children — die. It’s completely ridiculous because of this fact:

We are not different. It’s all A LIE.

Say it again for the folks in the back — We. Are. Not. Different.

It doesn’t matter what language you speak. It doesn’t matter the color of your skin/eyes/hair. It doesn’t matter what God/Goddess/Philosophy you embrace or reject. It doesn’t matter who you have sex with — or don’t have sex with. It doesn’t matter if you live north or south of the Mason-Dixon Line. It doesn’t matter what gender you are born (on the inside or the outside).

None of that shit matters.

All that matters is that you understand this truth — All of us are the same. (Repeat until it actually sinks in).

We. Are. All. The. Same.

See below:

Birthplace: Earth. Race: Human. Politics: Freedom. Religion: Love. Philosophy: Do No Harm.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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