My Spirit Animal — A Gift From My BFF

People are put in our lives for a reason. I have been blessed with a diverse, supportive, amazing tribe. Even though I have recently started what society defines as a ‘relationship’, make no mistake, I have not wanted for love or companionship in my life.

Let me tell you about my peeps.

Forever friends: These three women include “My Person”, my beloved cousin/sister, and another friend/sister who have known me since I wasn’t even really me. Decades of love, support and growth have been poured into our relationships from all sides. We can go ages without communicating and pick up a conversation exactly where we left off. We are each other’s safe zone, secret keepers, and cheer leaders. We are — the “meet me in the parking lot with a shovel” and no questions are asked — people to each other.

My Co-Parent: My children had another mother when they were growing up. And her children had me. We lived next door to each other and our brood was interchangeable. We shared everything — every daily thing for all the important years of our lives. We leaned on each other and celebrated together and held each other through the shit that came our way. We still do. We are each other’s back up. For reals.

My Daughters: My kids grew into the most amazing, talented, beautiful women you could ever imagine. Well, I imagined it...but since I’m their mother — they never believed me. And they went on to produce my grand daughters, replicas of that very same magic. My heart grows three sizes just thinking about those little people. You are welcome world — for the gift of these five creatures. May you be worthy of them.

My Work Peeps: You know who you are — the three women I adore, party with, dance with, rely on. You swoop in and care for me when I’m sick and you laugh with me and make our soul sucking jobs bearable. You walk the walk with me. I couldn’t do what I do without you, Sister Nurses. But more.

Teachers: I am blessed to have found a most fabulous yoga studio. The teachers there are old wise souls in young women’s bodies. They guide me to go deeper into my practice, challenge me to find my feet and ground myself, and to search for my soul. I have learned so very much about myself since joining them.

Spirit Guides: The Universe has put three women in my life who are psychic. I have been friends with a couple of them for ages, one is a new friend. The fact that they are gifted in this manner is rare and wonderful. They are each unique and have not one single thing in common with each other. Other than me. And being psychic.

My Friend/Brothers: And I can’t leave out the guys in my life. There are several wonderful men who have taught me so much about friendship and what a good man looks like in reality. They have helped me laugh at myself and to embrace the masculine piece of my personality. For instance, ‘No’ is a complete sentence, because men don’t worry about explaining themselves. And that I am fully capable of kicking ass — I never have a ‘need a man’ moment. Boundaries and confidence are the gifts they bring.

Take a moment and examine your life. Your tribe. And give thanks for all the people who love you. Acknowledge the fact we don’t walk this life alone. We get where we are through the combined efforts of everyone who cares about us.

Thank you — to my tribe. You rescue me over and over and show me who I really am. Namaste.

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned