I started writing on Medium back in May. It was an experiment and I believe a lot of people here start out that way, testing the waters of our creativity.

I had toyed with the idea of blogging for some time but never took the leap until I started writing here. And then in June I commited to simply writing something every day. Practice makes perfect…or perfecter. And everything I got good at, well, that’s how it happened so it made sense to just begin and do it.

What I didnt expect was to find other people like me — and the simple pleasure of reading their words and sharing their experiences. I’ve never thought about having a cohort or a peer group with this. I think probably, creatively, writers might be a rather solitary group of souls.

To even consider that I might be a ‘writer’ is a huge step. But I as I typed the word just now, it is the eventual goal of all this. So if not now, then someday. With more practice, and more insights, and more of this and that, I might get more comfortable thinking along those lines. When I first began my nursing training, I was all thumbs and just knew I’d never get it. Actually, writing papers was the only skill I had in college for a very long time. But now I kick ass, twenty five years in my brain is completely wired across several nursing specialites. I see, think, and analyze life as a nurse. So, this too will come.

I am glad The Universe led me to this place to jump in. I am inspired by the stories I read on my morning and evening updates. I am surprised and in awe when another member recommends my stuff or follows me. Strangers are reading my work! Not just my friends and family. WHOA!

Holy Cow! I’m going to be a writer when I grow up!

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Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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