Kerry — that is the point in time I turned in my stick as well. Once we moved to NC and snow became the out lier. In PA/NY where it was measured in FEET — I always had a stick — usually on a 4 wheel drive truck. LOL However, even for several years after we moved, my ex-husband kept a truck with 4 wheel drive to pull his boat in & out of messy boat ramps. It was an automatic though. I can still drive a stick — but trading urban/suburban life for country living is the choice I made and switching up my transmission choices flowing into that larger picture. When I look back at My Life — that’s what I see. Larger choices but then subtle changes like that. The adaptions made to grow into this different creature who now inhabits this different landscape. Both physically, emotionally, and spiritually. But make no mistake — muscle memory is a real thing. And 4 on the floor (or on the column — because I AM that old!) is in my Life Skill Tool Box!

Thank you as always for reading & responding! ❤

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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