Karla — same thing happened to me — only with fibroids. I was at the point I could do stand up, “Take my uterus…please”. “Uterus donor — where do I sign up?” etc.. because sarcasm is my go-to coping mechanism. I opted for an IUD — it blissfully carried me into menopause with hardly a drop of blood shed. My blood counts recovered and I felt human again. I had a friend opt for an ablatation. She also did well. We are both nurses. We chose different options to fit our psyches and lifestyles. I had the IUD for nearly 8 years. I was extremely happy with it — but it hurts like hell going in. Black box warning there. However, facing the same decision — I’d do it again in a hot minute. AND note: I was an OR nurse for over 12 years. I have taken migrated IUDs out of patients in the OR — a few times. It’s very rare. It does happen. Less often than complications related to childbirth however. Just sayin’.

Hang in there. I’m nearly 60. It’s much better on the other side. In fact — it’s fucking awesome! Don’t believe the lies society tells you about getting older. Being a Crone is one of the best — happiest times of my life.

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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