Jim — you have it backwards. I am a nurse because events in my life turned me into a caregiver. My first nurse manager told me to look for that. The best nurses aren’t born, we are made — through trauma. Ask any nurse — there will be THE moment. I have many nurse friends we all have that moment. That nurse manager was the child of 2 alcoholic parents. He came to nursing as a second career and he was perfect at it.

As I skipped away — part of me processed the feeling of knowing nothing about the woman I gave the ticket to. And was simply ecstatic about it. I didn’t know her religion, political party, views on the Second Amendment or universal health care. I didn’t know who she had voted for or if she supported HB2 (known as the bathroom bill here in NC). I didn’t know if she was left, right or smack dab in the middle. And I didn’t care. I could help her. So I did.

Here I am — crazy white and purple haired hippy chick coming up to her — just her & me all alone in a parking lot. I suppose I’m lucky she wasn’t carrying. Or maybe she was? Who knows? Because this is NC after all. I offered help, she accepted. Somehow The Universe lead us both to each other.

I live in a very diverse area of NC. I work in one of the most ‘liberal’ cities in NC. It can be challenging when you rub up against ‘Us vs Them’ because it’s here. It’s everywhere. But you can beat it by not giving any energy to it. White Feather has it right. We stop everything in it’s tracks by withdrawing our energy from it.

Just do good. People will respond to that.



Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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