James — I know you meant to lighten the mood — guys do that. But we are tired of having our valid concerns joked about as well. And I’m 57 — so I’ve heard it a few more years. I’ve taken to “Momma-Splaining” to any man now that crosses my path. In my best Italian mother voice. Because I am now old enough to be everyone’s mother…for the most part. And have the vocabulary of well seasoned Sailor just for fun. I can out sarcasm anyone — so… don’t bring it to me. I will beat you at your own game these days. Too many years of practice behind me. And by the time I”m done — you will feel like a bad 2 year old. You might even have wet yourself. I. AM. OVER. THIS. SHIT. And yes, life can be good. It can be down right shitty too. That is all.

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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