I’ve been pondering your response. And I fear we are on different planes with our definitions of love. My resume also contains a divorce — so you are not alone with the pain of a relationship gone awry. My marriage lasted 32 years. I am not a novice in this subject.

Real Love — if you allow it — eventually comes to you after you heal from the hurts of romantic disappointment. It originates from a Divine source and lives in everything and everyone who crosses our path.

It is a profoundly different experience. It is a Love that survives without massive amounts of tending or attention. It surpasses jealousy and anger. It is all the things Corinthians tells us it is. And to be clear — I am not a practicing Christian. Far from it. But I know about The Universe, The Divine, and about Love.

It is a Love that is not bitter — it does not hold grudges. It does not wish others hardship. It allows you to let go of your hurt and to accept Love again — in all the forms this world provides us. Kindness, compassion, joy.

Romance, sex, lust and the complex emotional cocktail humans mostly associate as the only true form of love out there is a lie. Love is more than that. SO MUCH MORE. In fact, often romantic love is so far from Real Love it’s ludicrous.

I am loved and loved well by many people and a few dogs. Maybe even a couple of cats out there. They sustain me. I have no one I will cage with the label of boyfriend or husband — nor will I ever allow myself to be confined as such ever again.

But I will Love. With my heart open. And I will let go. With hands open. Because Love is Love is Love. And I hope one day you heal enough to understand what I really wrote about. Thank you.

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned