I’ve been a nurse for over 20 years now. People are a lot more comfortable talking to nurses about their ‘stuff’ than their doctors. They don’t want to bother them and some docs will not take us seriously — especially women. We know this. So we run our stuff by another woman, because most nurses are still women. I always tell the people who ask me — That’s an excellent question for your doctor. Because it usually is. And then say — Make sure he/she/they give you an answer, because that is what YOU are paying them for.

Remember — you pay a doctor, it’s a service provided just like going to a restaruant. If you get poor service, be ok with complaining and not going back. This is way more important than if your steak was overcooked.

So yes! Call your doctor. Do your best to see that he has on his listening ears. And then use your intuition to see if it makes sense to you — what he tells you. If it doesn’t — speak up or get another opinion. And tell him you’re going to do that. It lets them know that their ‘game’ is off someplace — even if it is bedside manner or listening skills. Patients are consummers. We have options and can act like one with our health care.

That is one reason all doctors love/hate treating nurses. We know too much. ❤

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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