I’ve actually considered that option too. In nursing, burn out is a real thing — I work for a large enough hospital that I’ve been able to change gears and move from department to department when this hits for over 23 years now. I’m close enough to the finish line that I can make it to the end — but changing departments is a real option again. Just so I feel like I’m marching to the gallows every morning. Change is necessary — This is The Universe reminding me. I’ve been feeling it since last summer and I ignored it/talked myself down off the ledge of it -as we do.

But the haunting is real — and you can only compartmentalize so long. Nursing comes with you. Its like being a cop or a fireman… your friends are nurses — work is like family — you live and breathe it. It just happens. Caregivers can’t turn it off. Or not very well anyway.

Change is the only antidote to burn out.

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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