It’s Ok If You Don’t Like Me

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No really. I’ve given this a bit of thought. I have a lot of Love in My Life. Loads of friends — IRL and virtual. Family — at least on my father’s side. My daughters — their husbands and my granddaughters i.e. — The Magical Creatures. Even a couple of neighbors and a few coworkers.

So yeah. I’m good. Blessed even.

You don’t have to like me. I’m not gonna lose sleep over it. Not gonna let your opinion override the fact heaps of Humans find me to be acceptable company.

You can keep your opinion to yourself and just move along. No one here gives a fuck.

Scandalous I know, right? We — especially women — are supposed to court the favor of All. The. People. Everywhere we find them. Sadly for you, I’m well over that shit. I’m not even the least little bit moved by your disappointment at my disdain.

Do I need to repeat the part about not giving fucks?

Yep, still not giving fucks.

It’s an amazing place to be. You should try it.

You get there by focusing on what you have. Look at Your Life. Right now — take a look. There are people in it who LOVE you. People who would go to war for you. People who will always and in all the ways which count — show up for you. You may not want to believe it — because Humans love a pity party. And they also love to focus on the fact that the Love in their life may not come from ‘The One’. So it doesn’t ‘count’.


Love is Love is Love. And truthfully — in my experience — Romantic Love is about as unstable a love as there is. Prone to all the baggage and whims of the other person’s demons. Mostly — you just can’t count on it. It’s fragile — of itself — unless you pair it with a deeper Love.

But — The Love of My Friends. Oh yeah — now that Love. That Love is rock solid. I didn’t have to audition for it. I just showed up. We recognized each other and the bond was formed. Decades later, they are still there. My Friends. Showing up — Loving me. It’s astounding.

So — I’m just going to go on being Real Ann over here. And it’s cool. No harm, no foul if you don’t want to like me. I’m like an Anchovy — I get it — I am not for everyone.

But then — neither are you. Don’t try to make yourself fit into everyone else’s idea of who you should be. You don’t have to be liked by everyone. Life isn’t a contest. The Universe isn’t handing out gold stars at the end to the Human with the most pals.

It’s about quality — not quantity. Always. All. The. Things.

Be blessed. Live in gratitude. Give no fucks. See how happy it makes you.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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