It’s more a ‘rule’ of sci-fi. EVERY CREATION outgrows its programming. The story of Adam & Eve has always confounded me in that manner. God KNEW the ending of the movie before He began production. He knew The Creatures would ‘out grow’ their initial ‘programming’ and become ‘disobedient’ — yet — He made the stupid rule anyway. Supposedly for a test He already knew they would flunk. SMH.

Frankenstein, Audrey 2 — I could go on. But the point is — if you create it — it will find a way to be it’s ‘own’ person. Even when it isn’t quite Human. :)

As a nurse, I’ve been “doing more with less” for over 25 years now.

Thanks for reading — as always My Friend. ❤ Much love to Deb!

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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