It’s ‘just’ asthma. I have a pulmonologist on speed dial and standing orders for labs/chest X-rays. Thank you for the advice though and the kind thoughts. My asthma has gotten worse in these last 4 years or so. Depleted ozone? Global warming? Worse pollen blooms? Air pollution? All likely play a role. I come back to baseline ok — but it will take a week sometimes 2 for the steroids to kick in. Until then — stillness is mandatory. I rest in the love and care of my friends and family and I wait for The Universe to teach me what I need to learn. ❤ I am fortunate in that with time and patience it resolves. Many asthmatics don’t come ‘all the way back’ and live with a level of some breathing obstruction. I don’t have ‘attacks’ per se that resolve immediately in minutes like I used to when I was younger. These things hit and mean business.

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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