It's good that you are inspired - however - you are assuming you will even live past election day & projecting yourself into a future that may not even exist. Humans are aroggant beasts - we assume we will always have tomorrow so we waste today. What if instead of living to see election day results - you were struck by a bus tomorrow? Or diagnosed with cancer? Or any other number of equally terminal possibilities? (I'm a nurse - trust me - I've seen it all). You have lost all your nows fretting about a tomorrow that you may never see - may not ever come to be. We do what we can - with what we have - where we are. And then - it's no longer up to us anymore. The Universe will play out events as She sees fit. Our society is not SO special to think we are infinite. All things in this life is finite. All. Things. At some point in time - She teaches us how to let go.

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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