It’s damn hard — to let go. All of those who love them and SEE them know our grief at the separation when the creatures go ahead of us.

But it is our job to set them free. They depend on us to love them ENOUGH to do this very hard thing. They TRUST us with this incredible thing. To free them from their pain. Who else anywhere does this? But the creatures who choose us? They look us square in the face — you can see it in their eyes — the trust — the love — the lesson.

The lesson they give us about the selflessness of loving so much — you would bear this pain FOR them. In their place. Your grief rather than see them hurt for another moment.

And that — is when we know — We have become truly — Human.

May your hearts embrace the Gift of this special spirit who blessed you all with his Love and Trust. May you hear his hoof beats pounding the heavens with EVERY SINGLE THUNDERSTORM. May you know forever — those we love are never gone. They just aren’t here.

Much love —

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned