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My Mug — A Gift From A Friend Who Also Rides Motorcycles

There is an author who writes here on Medium — The Angry Therapist. He’s got a thing going called ‘My Fucking Feelings’. And it’s brillant. Just brillant.

Because that is exactly what we do when we write, isn’t it? At least it is for me. I write about MY Fucking Feelings. Or maybe it was MY Life Experiences. Or MY Life Perspective. Or MY Insight I Had At Three AM. But it’s invariably about Me. Real Ann. MY Life.

Of course My Life may or may not apply to your life. Past, present of future.

That’s cool. If anything I wrote resonates with you — awesome! Pack it away in your emotional tool box, take it out when you need, and use the hell out of it. Well done! Win/win!

If, on the other hand, you have no clue to the hell I’m going on about — obviously — your life experiences do not match My Life Experiences. In a nutshell — that particular post won’t really be helping you. So just keep scrolling. Medium is full of good shit. You’ll find something here, I promise you.

But — I also promise you — telling me that I have it wrong — is not going to work either.

Because if I know one thing for certain it’s this:

I am the best person to know what I think, what my life experiences have taught me, what my world view is, what my belief system is, what my motivations are, what my perspective is, and lastly — what MY fucking feelings are. About everything. Every. God. Damn. Thing.

Man or woman — do not try to ‘splain’ any of the above to me. You will lose. I have walked this path a long time — a very fucking long time — to get to where I am. Do not have the balls to show up with your GPS and tell me I’m lost. Just don’t do it.

I write on Medium not so much for the benefit of others but for me. It’s cathartic and helps me find myself over and over. Real Ann. However, most importantly — there’s a record left behind for my grand daughters. A road map of sorts which I hope they can use one day to find their own path, through their own lives, to their own place, to their own fucking feelings.

If you want a debate — join a debate club. I no longer attempt to justify who I am to people who want to change me.


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Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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