It wasn’t dumb luck — serendipity is always a gift from The Universe Herself. You know you were blessed. ❤ On so many levels. ❤ So many of my friends who also were able to retire & took the leap are now looking at that decision to ‘get out’ prior to March as one of the best ones of their lives. They listened to their inner knowing and turned at their crossroad.

I have the option to do that — come August. Or wait a bit till November for a bit more of a financial boost. My crossroad is on my horizon — I’m slowly coming up on it. All the while — I have some time to ponder when I’ll turn.

Many blessings on both you & your most Delightful Deb. ❤ I am a huge fan of you guys❤

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Ann Litts

Ann Litts

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned