It keeps getting worse. This MOB of Madness which is Our Now. I knew we were in for it when The Radical Right started in with birth control. BIRTH CONTROL?!?!? WTF? That’s not even thing? What were they going to do with controversial issues — issues where people live in this gray area where bullshit like this is used to dehumanize Humans? The Radical Right is as insane as any other terrorist group out there. Pick one. Any one — from the IRA or PLO to ISIS. The current group of the religiously insane just haven’t gotten around to picking their official name yet so the world can shorten it down to THREE letters. Because not all of them belong to the KKK or NRA — just most. There’s a fair amount of incest there between the two groups so they need a new nomenclature. One that captures The Whole Crazy.

You did a phenomenal job.

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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