It is exactly that wisdom from that philosopher — though my brain had misplaced the credit — which is the seed that inspires this vision of Life for me. I lived close to the Susquehanna River in NEPA & Upstate NY before I moved to NC. I spent a lot of time on it — I love a canoe — nearly as much as I love riding bareback. A psychic told me I was a warrior in a past life I’m pretty sure I was of the Native American Indian genre. Even to my tastes in horseflesh — running strongly to Paints and Appaloosas and melding with their renowned stubborn spirits. I had an Appaloosa who would follow me home — like a dog. But I digress…

The likes and dislikes — preferences and tastes we exhibit — our talents and our quirks are explainable. Our souls hold the answers, not our consciousness.

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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