It is astounding that any minority supports Republicans these days — but it happens. Women and people of color are also in their camps. It’s nearly a Stockholm Syndrome of devotion they show and you cannot convince them to see any other perspective. This party will ‘save’ them. Their particular favored issue of concern. And basically the blinders are on for the rest of the people/nation/world.

In the larger view of history — being a minority of one ilk has never guaranteed solidarity with others. If women would unite — even amongst ourselves we could kick ass. But no — even in a minority there are subtle sub-cultures and the larger minority classification gets lost. Economic/racial/theological/ethinic shadows divide the minority further and play a bigger role with whom they will identify.

This lesson I learned sitting in an orientation class when the verdict of the OJ Simpson trial was read out. Every single woman of color cheered — happy that a brother had been spared — every single white woman was horrified that a rich, powerful, and famous man who surely had murdered his estranged wife (regardless of his color) had been set free.

If an LGBTQ person claims to be a Republican — then something — somewhere in their platform speaks to them and is more important than the support of their sexual orientation and certainly more important than anyone else’s.

It’s interesting to note — all the minorities in this country — well — we aren’t really THE minority if we could just get our shit together. WE are The Majority. Not old rich white men who are sucking the economy and the planet dry of all resources. Or young angry white men who shoot people to vent their frustrations with the disappointments of daily life. This happened — AGAIN — in my state at Charlotte yesterday.

I have no answers — just my observation to share.

Thank you again, James. Your writing is always thought provoking and inspiring. ❤

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned