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New Beginnings. The gift of Imbolc — which is today. Ironically it marks exactly 6 months ago that I met the man who would become my SO these last six months.

Until today.

Today is a new beginning. And as the song goes — “Every new beginning is some other beginning’s end”. I have always looked at it this way. I am not one to linger over the broken pieces.

I am good at goodbye. I am good at letting go. For reasons I cannot understand — moving through is what I know to do.

There will be no ugliness. You see — we still love each other too much for that. There were plenty of misunderstandings and missteps, All. The. Things. that lead a relationship down the path to self-destruction.

And you know, it is time to end this old beginning — and begin again.

So today we began again. As friends. Because Love is Love is Love. And of the things there is — this is the greatest of them. Love endures. Past the hurt. Past what we were. Past all which was the Past.

Love is what matters when you stand at the end of a beginning.

So on this Imbolc — the festival of Bridgit — may you have many blessings for YOUR new beginnings. May you burn all that which needs to burn away in your Life. May The Universe lead you on your Path with Love.


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