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Whenever uncertainity whould knock on my door — I used to have to know. I HAD to know exactly how everything would shake out. I would worry and fret — running everything through the movie projector in my mind attempting to see all possible outcomes and tangents.

But I’m better now. I can go with what The Universe sends. Even minute to minute. And even better yet — I KNOW I’m better.

A lot happened in My Life this week — which could have caused anxiety — worry — distress on many fronts. Personal — health — career — financial — travel plans — you name it. It could have gone sideways. Multiple times — multiple ways — on multiple fronts.

I could have sat down each and every night — overthought all these possible scenarios and pondered myself right back into an ulcer.

Because I’ve done that before.

But I didn’t.

And you know the other thing which happened? I recognized I wasn’t doing what I used to do. I had broken ties with my old habits — gotten out of my groves — dissolved my samskaras.

I patted myself on the back for doing better this time around. For staying in My Now and letting The Future take care of itself.

Surprisingly enough — it did just that.

None of the possible catastrophes I foresaw in my kaleidoscope view of My Tomorrows materialized and I saved myself the destruction of My Now (a whole week of Nows!) by remembering to Live In The Moment — not Fear The Future.

We need to recognize the baby steps we’ve taken towards enlightenment when we stumble across them in Life. We need to be able to Love ourselves enough to revel in a congratulatory celebration of this realization. We need to say, “Hell Yeah! I do have this! At least for Now!”

We need to remember — Now is all we ever have.



Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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