I’m a nurse who changed jobs last year to one less stressful. I’m also the nearly 60 year old woman who had to watch every bite she ate and live on 1200 calories a day or I’d gain weight — even walking 13K steps a day at my job. Sure enough — desk job. I gained 20 pounds. That damned BMI hit the computers ‘magic’ number and I’m getting print outs on obesity — blah — blah — blah. Never mind my labs are great, I’ve being doing yoga for 20 years, and my b/p is nearly non-existent. That 20 pounds is gonna put me in an early grave.

My MD asked me what I intended “to do about it” — those 20 pounds. I replied — WEAR LEGGINGS.

This culture is insane. People are insane. Thin does not = healthy. It NEVER HAS.

Thank you for writing — sharing — All. The. Things. Many blessings❤

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned