I’m a moon child. I have a hard time falling asleep before midnight. My quiet time is between midnight and 1 or 2. Under the stars or moon light. A complete and total night owl. I sit in the stillness after the world has stopped it’s madness and listen to the night sounds. I grew up in the PA woods — crickets, frogs, and owls. In the evening sky you could see bats fly out and hunt once your eyes adjusted — there was another entire world that lived when men closed their doors and went to sleep. I would stay up after my child went to sleep and listen to music and have ‘me’ time until I found pieces of myself again. I would escape into a novel or have a glass of wine — but always at night in solitude I would find peace.

I suppose so much of our lives depend on the other characters in our play — and the events that transpire. We form the habits we do based on where we find our peace.

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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