If The Fire Goes Out…

What do we do when we burn down to embers?

Photo by Damon Lam on Unsplash

The last few years have been exhausting. I’m sure I’m not alone. Every bit of news seems to just re-enforce a broken and corrupt system.

I can feel My Fire starting to burn low because I’ve been burning for over forty years now. And these last few — when so much gasoline has been added and resources I needed to keep my flames burning bright have been eaten up — well they’ve just been brutal.

And perhaps — when I think about it — maybe that’s the whole point. The whole ridiculous point of all this bullshit.

To drive us to an anger so blind, so fueled by the gasoline they’ve thrown on our fires we simply burn out of control and they get to stand back and watch us rage. Until we burn ourselves out. Until we use up all our precious fuel. Until we are merely embers they can stomp upon with the heels of their boots.

Because even though they have stoked the flames by their actions — our fire is what they use to label us. To point their fingers at our actions. To bring us down to their level of insanity and then beat us with experience.

Those of us who have burned for decades in the smithery’s forge to construct a new world order, understand the power of heat. Applied over and over again to hard cold metal until it bends to the will of the forger. It’s a long and painful process and it takes patience. And time. To shape and reshape the metal. The heat, the water, the heat again.

We are the fire that burns and heats the metal. We must always preserve our embers and keep fuel for the forge. No matter how many times cold metal is thrust back into the midst of our bellies.

We have The Power to heat it, to force the very atoms of it to morph and change. This is Our Super Power. The one they fear so very much.

We have remade The World, over and over again. We have forged and bent the metal to our will. It is what we do.

We are the forge. We are the fire. We are the flame.

Never let them burn you out.


“I survived because the fire inside me burned brighter than the fire around me.” — Joshua Graham

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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