Ann Litts

May 13, 2018

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If Mothers Ran The World

Photo by Dewang Gupta on Unsplash

A friend of mine left me a note pondering what a much better place the world might be if mothers were in charge. It made me laugh because being a mother myself — my first thought was — democracy would be outlawed if mothers ran the world. When I was a mother — I was a dictator, not an elected official.

Here is my take on If Mothers Ran The World:

All weapons — of mass destruction and otherwise — would be replaced with Nerf guns, super soakers, and water balloons.

Warring parties would be placed in opposite corners of the same room with stern admonishments not to so much as look at each other. In the middle of the room would be a fun game requiring mutual cooperation. (Reverse psychology — the jewel in a mother’s war chest. Right up there with — the enemy of my enemy is my friend…as the warring parties conspire against Mother.)

Should the above strategy fail — said warring parties would be placed in The Infamous Get Along Shirt — one shirt — two sleeves — two neck holes — until they did, in fact, get along.

No one would go to bed hungry and everyone would be a vegetarian.

If you stole something, insulted or otherwise disrespected someone, you would be taken by the ear to the injured party and made to sincerely apologize. In Person. And then your REAL punishment would be discussed at home.

Things would not be wasted. If you did not clean your plate, you did not get desert. This philosophy applied globally.

Every educational institute on every level from elementary school to universities would fund their arts program as robustly as they funded their sports programs.

And lastly — Everyone would clean up their own messes, learn to read, and have their phones taken away for bad behavior. Yes, US congress and POTUS — I’m looking at you.

Because Mothers are tough. Mothers teach us how to be humans. It takes incredible fortitude to say “No” and to discipline someone you love so much. But they do. Even when it breaks their heart to do so.

Mothers teach us respect. Respect for them, respect for others, and respect for ourselves.

May this Mother’s Day find you at peace with whatever gifts your mother may have given you. Even those with a nearly empty Mother Magic tool box will leave something behind for us to find — deeply hidden . It might only be the will to survive to adulthood and do better for the next generation.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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