I wish I could say I was stunned — gobsmacked — or at least mildly surprised. But I’m not. History repeats. The choice of “Other” rotates by those in power. to feed the masses and their egos and sense of superiority — the lowest possible common denominator. It is sickening. And we must be vigilant. We must remember — because again — history taught us — the weak will follow orders of the powerful. They will trade their humanity in a heartbeat. They will hardly hesitate to do the morally unjust, even murderous thing if they are told to — supported by their peers and their higher ups.

We must be The Humans. We must be The Humans for All of us until The Weak Ones wake up from their trances and find their souls again.

We must topple the ones in power and call them out as the murderers they are. Too many have already died.

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned