I wear jeans. Levis mostly — and they have the same pockets as the guys — at least the style I choose. I do have one pair that are the girly low rise style — but my iphone still fits in the back pocket — so we’re good. I also have a couple pair of Lucky jeans for ‘dress up’. Their pockets are fine too. I grew up riding horses and wearing Wrangers. This is the first I ever heard that ‘women’s’ jeans had smaller pockets than guys. I’m 58. Maybe because I just don’t do Mom jeans. Or even cool skinny jeans…my jeans have room to sit on a bike. That is my litmus test. :) But I’m not exactly the typical kind of woman. I carry a back pack — not a purse.. cause again.. motorcycle. It just works out better.

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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