I was in NC for Fran. 50 more miles inland but straight in her path as she came right up I-40 and over us. I was working nights but they let some of us go home as they had flushed the hospital of any patient they could to make room for any traumas Fran might bring us over the next few days. I was sent home 3 hours into my shift at 10 PM right about the time the eye made landfall on the coast. I drove home through the first cycles of her forward winds. We had lived here about a year and I had no clue the leading edge of a hurricane had the worst wind velocity. I made it the 20 miles home and woke up the next day to do the same as you. We had not power — but were otherwise unscathed. We lived in a newish neighborhood without mature growth. I had friends who were not so fortunate. It took weeks to get the power restored even to the capital city area of Raleigh, by where I was. The coast was a hot mess. Rural NC where you were was completely devastated & then…when everyone had caught their breath. The flooding came in 2–3 days later. Pig and turkey farms on river flats completely washed away. Tobacco, cotton, and sweet potato crops wiped out.

And yet — the people took care of each other. It is the most wonderous thing for me. “Look for the helpers.” — Fred Rogers. That attitude is always there. We help each other. No matter what. No matter who is in office. With or without the officials. Because — Humans.

PS — loving your stories of this adventure❤

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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