I understand completely James. But - I have also found that I don't waste moments of My Life on shit that really doesn't matter. The hardest thing I do is not finish a book that I find dull, or just plan bad. I will give it a few chapters - because I do remember that Tom Clancey took a good 300 pages before all the threads started to come together - BUT - if It's not giving me pleasure - I set it aside & pass it along to whomever might need to read it.

I have arthritis in my right hand - throttle hand on the motorcycle. And I've had to let go of owning a bike and also an afghan I started for my grandchildren has been an unfinished project for at least 3 years. I slowly make a square here & there - but then my hand will act up and I have to set it aside.

I still find joy in completed projects - but I am more conscious of the ones that are serving My Life and the stuff I'm just doing because my grooves are too deep and I can't jump out of them.

May all your projects bring you Joy James.

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned