I think you’re spot on with the opposites having a bit in common — yin/yang symbols personify that — a dot of black in the white, a dot of white in the black. A visual symbol to let us know that even our most stark contrast still is One with us containing a seed of ourselves.

I am an extrovert and have lived a long extroverted life. I have been fortunate to collect souls as I went who have stayed with me for decades. My two best friends from my high school years still chat with me regularly on FB, my cousin is more like my sister than my cousin, those relationships span a lifetime.

I am willing to let go of people as well though, not hold the thread when it needs to be let loose of. And I find — sometimes they come back around. Freedom without angst is a gift that is much appreciated between humans.

Many people, men especially, find me too much. But that’s ok. They are not ready. They have their own path. I bless them and let them go. The souls who find me and love me — are here for a reason.

That under 10 fan club is the BEST! Isn’t it?? ❤

You forgot to mention your friends here on Medium. You should count them. :) There are several of us who wouldn’t miss your posts as well.

Have a most wonderful day!

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Ann Litts

Ann Litts

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned