I think we are on the same page — actually.

The Breaking of our Own Hearts is our responsibility and a call to heal ourselves. To stop blaming and shaming another Human for the past. It is a wake up call to our society to allow death into our reality so we may grieve AND heal in healthy ways without having to buck up and carry on in X number of days/months/years according to schedule.

It’s not about turning away from Love — but about also Loving Ourselves enough to allow what needs to go- to go. To not cling to society’s conception of what Love is supposed to look like at all costs. To give one’s self to walk away from hurt without needing to blame the other Human in the equation and thus be in a better position to HEAL.

If you read Medium much, you will know the most popular pieces here are about the drama — the breakups — the pain. Some of that catharsis is healing without a doubt. Some of it is also fodder for a feeding frenzy of blame and shame.

All relationships will end. One way or another. We only have Now. What steps are we going to take to make sure Our Now is the most joy-filled, Love-filled moment in time?

Will we continue to ruminate and tell ourselves the stories of all our hurts and keep blaming Others, The Universe, our bad hair for our miserable broken heart in our Now?

Or will we let go of all that shit and begin to heal?

We always get to choose. But the first step is taking responsibility and knowing we have control over our life. Our heart. Our healing process. It does not belong to the Human who ‘broke our heart’. We break our own hearts by hanging on to that narrative and blocking our healing.

Thank you so much for reading and responding. I’m so glad you found the piece thought provoking. I hope I was able to clarify my train of thought a bit better here. As I said — I think we come from the very same place.

It’s all about the healing. ❤

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned