I think there’s a balance where one can find a sweet spot. Clean enough to be healthy — dirty enough to be happy. I saw that on a plaque somewhere and if one is going to have a ‘goal’ I believe that to be an admirable one.

My kids seem to come out unscathed by my need to be neat and that is the most important thing. One of my super powers is organizing stuff though — and when I go visit my daughter — my oldest grand daughter will ususally grab me and we’ll go on a sock hunt and attempt to find/match as many socks as we can. She loves her socks and with 2 younger sisters and all the chaos a family brings — well — they just vanish. So we hunt them. But it’s fun — not a chore for both of us. Then when I go home and she looks in her drawer — for at least a week, she can remember “Nana was HERE” by her tidy little matched balls of socks.

But I never want any of my granddaughters to measure their worthiness in the world by anything external to their person. Mismatched socks are unique every time they are put on. And should be as cherished as their matched bretheren.

Thanks for reading & responding Kerry! ❤

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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