I think — the Us VS Them people don’t win in the end. They are fools — who don’t see the deep lessons of history. The Chess Game they believe they play so well has an endgame where they are placed in checkmate with a pawn. I’ve done it — and let me tell you — it is one very satisfying move. A lowly pawn THE piece which ends the game and claims the victory. And The Universe is a Chess Master. She controls The Game. That’s the piece we all miss. Not even the players understand who is really ‘The Master’ of the board.

Do the Robber Barons & other in circles of power believe themselves untouchable? Of course they do. It has always been so. Are they in fact? No. Read any history book. ALL THINGS CHANGE. Given enough time — EVERY SINGLE THING in this world changes. Societies, governments, belief systems, religions, even our DNA — evolves. Because Life is not stagnant. We are a blip in The Timeline of The Universe’s Life Span and Her Master Plan.

I will continue to believe that She even controls the eventual outcome of those who believe they have ‘all the power’. Because we know for sure they do not.

All we have to do is watch Mother Nature unleash one iota of Kali’s destructive force to realize — She can remove humanity from the face of the planet any time She wishes. We exist here at Her Pleasure.

I love the Chess analogy. And I don’t think you’re a conspiracy theorist. LOL. I think you make a very sound argument because bait & switch is a real tactic in the media & politics & business these days. Thank you for sharing your insights.

I have faith in She who has brought us this far. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. All of us. Even the ones who aren’t so great at the human part…we still need to respect the spiritual piece. ❤

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Ann Litts

Ann Litts

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned