I suppose the squeaking wheel gets the grease as it were. So in my view — and again, just my view here — the voices you will hear most often will be those of the discontented. Everywhere. I was most disturbed about the robot story, not so much about the story itself but from the wide support and comments it had attached to it. Sadly.

As a woman — the most terrifying part of the anger of men — any man — but particularly those who hold the power in a society — is the ability to abuse it. It is not to say there doesn’t co-exist in that same society conscientious men who shudder at that thought and seek to be role models. It is to recognize that women have a right to look at history and be skeptical and wary of men and particulary — men in the ruling classes.

I have friends of all colors, shapes, sizes, genders, religious affiliations, and sexual preferences. I don’t hate anyone.

I know there are good men — my family is full of them. My Tribe is full of them. But the thing is, you can never tell the good people from the ones who will harm you — until they harm you. And when men decide to harm you, it can be deadly.

Louis C.K. once said that men are the most dangerous thing to a woman’s existence. And the most dangerous thing to a man’s existence? Donuts.

That pretty much nails it. Women are angry too. But it’s become a survival instinct for some of us. It’s to protect our daughters and grand daughters from having to suffer what we’ve suffered.

I don’t believe men are irrelevant. I think their anger is irrelevant and irrational. I would not want to be in a world without my beloved sons in law or my male friends who are so dear to me and wonderful. I would never contemplate replacing them with robots.

I think pointing out to someone they are angry when they are abusing you — verbally, is a long way from calling someone a name. For instance saying — Hey Dude — you are an angry white man— there is nothing about that statement that is inherently bad or untrue. The guy is white and yelling obscenties at me — so yeah — he’s angry. But I’m supposed to graciously accept it when someone calls me a name like femi-nazi. Because I am not allowed own my anger. Please do me the decency of calling me an angry white woman. In fact, you can even call me an Old Angry White Woman. Because I’m all those things.

And I think — this is probably a way longer response than you had bargained for.

And for the record — hyper-sensitive femi-nazis have yet to take an AK to a school and murder any children. Just sayin’


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned