:) I suppose it’s in the manner in which I feel they insert their wives into the conversations. Am I truly that frightening? That much of a threat? WHY do that? Do they just ALWAYS do with everyone? Or am I so special? When I wrote the first piece — the response was — Yes — IT IS YOU! Then I got annoyed. LOL For all the afore mentioned reasons! It tends more towards the comic BECAUSE of all the afore mentioned reasons. Again — seriously? Take a closer look…cause no come hither. But — the other vibes might scare them just as profoundly. Earth Mother, Crone, Spirit Seeker, Witch, Old Soul. But you know me, I love to weave a tale about All The Things which go down around me. This was a quirk which happened three times in a row one day right before I wrote the first story. I felt it was an omen. LOL. But yes, you’re correct. And I do give the guys a break. I never make a scene or ask them in person why we have to talk about the Mrs. I have started asking them about their wives though after this happens. Congratulating them on their marriage — talking about their families since they bring it up. Maybe subconsciously they are missing them, or want to be reminded. I figure if they steer the conversation there and The Universe keeps sending me these guys, maybe it’s past time I start listening to what they have to say about those wives. Right? Thanks for reading & responding. :)

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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