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Photo by Ken Treloar on Unsplash

I watched the lunar eclipse a few nights back in Arizona. Crystal clear sky and bright beautiful moon. I stayed up past my hosts’ bedtime to watch the bright sky darken then saw the moon reappear in a lovely red hue.

January’s Full Moon is known as The Wolf Moon — add the fact it was a Super Wolf Moon because it happened to be larger than life — a Super Moon closer to The Earth than usual. And then — The Super Blood Wolf Moon because The Universe was indeed showing off and threw a lunar eclipse in there… because She could.

I watched all this in Arizona. My SO watched the very same event two time zones away on the East Coast.

There is something innately comforting knowing you are looking at the very same sky, at the very same time as someone you love. Even if they are hundreds of miles away from you.

In those moments you can understand how loose the boundaries are between Us All. The moon, The cosmos, Time, Space, and Humanity. We are All One. Part of a vast continuum built on Love.

Last weekend as I stood in the Arizona desert bathed in Moonlight — my soul remembered All. The. Things. My mind stopped needing All. The. Answers. My heart stopped longing. My brain stopped churning. My life stopped spinning. Time paused on an inhale for just that moment and I Knew. I simply knew.

On the night of the eclipse — even the coyotes were silent in reverence to the spectacle. Nature felt it. She stood in awe and absorbed The Super Blood Wolf Moon’s blessing.

I hope you got to see the beauty of The Moon showing off Her beauty and glory. I hope you got to bathe in the Magic of Her Brilliance turned to Darkness turned to Scarlett and then returned to Brilliance.

The Universe shows us Her Magic, shares with us Her Blessings nearly daily. And we blithely ignore all The Miracles around us. The Night of The Super Blood Wolf Moon — She reached down from the Cosmos to show us how spectacularly beautiful Her Heavens can be — how generously She shares Her Magic with all Beings — if we just pause and see Her Gifts.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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