I removed mine off & on when I became an OR nurse. You can’t scrub with jewelry. It’s odd because when I wore the diamond, I got a lot more ‘traffic’ than I do now when I don’t wear any ring. One time I actually had to tell a most persistent Married Man — he told me so — that I was engaged to a member of the band we were listening to so he would back off and leave me be. Thankfully the band member was a friend of mine and still teases me about being the best ex-wife he ever had. ‘Checks in the mail, sug- how are the kids doing?’ Guitar players… :)

I’m very happy in my singlehood. Once in the 8 years since I’ve been divorced a man proposed to me. I said, “No.” :) Not even “No, thank you” Just “No”.

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Ann Litts

Ann Litts

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned