I read The Minimalists and I love their philosophy. If you have stuff which brings you joy — then that’s the stuff you keep. For instance — I love books. Sadly I also love trees. So I tried to love E-books…but I don’t. I really hate reading books on a computer. I write on a computer and I read Medium pieces on a computer — but if I’m settling in for a long read — I want my recliner — my cup of tea — and a REAL book. So I have books — complete with barrister bookcase and I just might need another one — in spite of my best attempt at purging because I do read them more than once and they become Friends.

So — books bring me Joy. I will have books. But I don’t stand in line to get a new iPhone just because it’s the next best thing. My iPhone 6S or 7W or whatever works just fine. When forced to finally upgrade — I will. Usually about 10 minutes after the contract runs out — funny that…

In the meantime — I will continue to send my unused stuff to said thrift store for YOU to enjoy. ❤

Because as long as you’re using it, it’s adding joy to your life, then it’s all good. And the whole Reuse thing — BONUS points for YOU! ❤

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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