I most always give 50 claps — because as you said — why not? And really — it’s a rah-rah thing. I don’t personally analyze Medium’s pay out — I understand on some level my claps are completely worthless because I give so many — they only exist for their mental health potential. And really — that’s why I’m clapping in the first place.

If I like a story enough to clap — then I will enthusiastically clap my full allotment of claps. Many times I am sad I am only allowed 50. But then — I am a glass half full with room for more tequila kind of girl. So I recover pretty quickly and move on.

I like to encourage people and 50 claps says “WELL DONE!” as loudly as I can say it. I will often also SAY “WELL DONE” in the reponses too. Just to be certain my point was made.

:) Have a lovely day…and oh — BTW — WELL DONE!!!!

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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