I knew Hell was a lie the moment I gave birth to my first child. I knew all of it was a lie. There I was a ‘mere human’ parent. And a MOTHER at that — not even an all powerful FATHER. Just a little ol’ Human Mother person. But I held that child and I knew — with every cell in my body — nothing she would ever do/think/be/love — would cause me to banish her from My Love/My Life. It was eternal — all encompassing. I would kill/I would die for this child. Walking over burning coals? Chip shot.

And I knew — if God was really Our Parent as ‘They ‘clamed — He/She/They would never send a single one of us to hell for any reason. So — They — the people who told us that — were liars. No Hell — No Satan — No God.

At least not their versions. We all find our own path to what we need.

Love is what saves us. Not a man hanging on a cross over 2000 years ago. And it saves us every day.

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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