I heard a comdienne talk about this.

It seems men’s greatest fear is to be made fun of. Humiliation.

Women’s greatest fear — violence. Physical violence. That’s why we walk to our cars with our keys between our knuckles. And why we do a lot of other stuff to get out of situations with our skins intact. Like not make waves when our coworkers are putting us on a scale of 0–10.

Because truly — it’s annoying and childish and demeaning.

But it’s not going to kill us.

That’s why men don’t say anything — fear of humiliation.

That’s why women don’t care necessarily — it’s not going to kill us.

We don’t want to piss off one of those assholes and find him waiting for us at our cars later that evening. Where we might have to use that key between our knuckle. Where no one would believe us anyway when it’s our word against his.. and besides — why would he do that? We were only a 4.

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned