I have zero sympathy for Humans who don't take care of themselves & then expect society - healthcare workers in particular -to fix them. Some Humans are just programmed to self-destruct by their chosen lifestyles. We do our best as a society to mitigate the damage they wrought - but we can only do so much. There will come a day when the unvaccinated & the unwilling to mask will be triaged out of the healthcare system. They will be told those ICU beds are needed for trauma patients & post op cancer surgery patients & patients who have had heart attacks. Our entire healthcare system will become like a MASH unit. They will be the ones left in the hallways of the ERs - because this is the fate they choose. Doctors & nurses are usually there when their patients make poor decisions - but after over 18 months of this - they're pretty much done with stupidity.

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned