I have two daughters. One chose to have children — who are loved and celebrated by our whole family. Because every human deserves that kind of welcome to life. My other daughter did not chose to have children. And the things she chooses to ‘birth’- her art, her life — are also celebrated by our whole family. Both women are loved immensely by their husbands and a wide tribe of family and friends. The children are raised by our Tribe. And perhaps that is why you seem young women reaching out so much these days in their pregnancies and motherhood. Just my theory — but do they have a Tribe with which to share the burden of raising their family in this land of lost extended families? Other women to support the process? Culturally this has been the norm — oh forever. And across species among those who live co-operatively in Packs. Raising young is a group effort. A young inexperienced mother may less be showing off than asking for help in her plea to validate the beauty and health of her child. Yes — the child is well. In my experience as an Older Woman — a Crone as it were — you are doing fine. Well done Mom. Because insecurity is the river that flows like the great Mississippi through motherhood.

I only hold babies related to me and personally am thankful that we seem to be stopping at the three we currently have. For many reasons, one among them is the environmental impact. With just 3 — we are reducing the numbers. Two generations out from my exhusband & I, we are down in the numbers.

As a nurse, I have dealt with much pain for women for whom IVF has gone wrong and they have had to make the God Awful Decision to terminate. It is completely heart wretching. No words can adequately describe it.

The best rule to live by — in all things. Attempt to never judge another’s journey. Sprinkle love and kindness on everyone you come in contact with. Hold the boundaries you need to hold because you need to sprinkle that love and kindness on yourself first and foremost.

Thank you Anna for sharing such a difficult journey. The writing you birth is beautiful and simply haunting beyond description. I am grateful to read your words every time I open one of your pieces. You teach me so much about life and myself.

Have a most wonderful day. ❤

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned