I have read it. It was an excellent book. It offers up an exercise — The story is never quite as it seems. ‘Wicked’ is another twist on an old tale — where the ‘wicked’ and the ‘good’ are a matter of perspective. As in all things — the winners write history. Christian conquerors have fed us our theology for generations. They butchered and burned pagans — women — even children in the name of Their God. Humans who were no more than midwives and little girls. History tells of the Inquisition — others in position of religious power — gone mad with it. Torturing Humans for no reason — in the end I believe they came to enjoy the suffering as all madmen do. A generation of psychopaths feeding on a mob mentality.

Go back further & ponder this. If Abraham — the father of the 3 major religions today — Judaism, Christianity, & Islam — were to cast his mistress and his first child out to the desert to die and then drag his other son up a mountain — tie him to an alter and hold a knife to his throat because THE VOICE OF GOD told him to….only a the very last second changing his mind…What would happen to dear Abraham? I have two words — schizophrenia & DSS. In 2019 that man would be hospitalized in a mental ward — his children put in the foster care system and his ass would be medicated. We would NOT make him the founder of 3 world religions.

NOPE. It’s all about perpective.

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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