I have liked this to the point in My Life when I went to college. Granted — I didn’t do that until I was 30 — but the decision making process feels similar. Only I am less implusive. I can retire from my primary J.O.B. in about a year — but I like the work and now that I’m a case manager instead of an OR nurse — it’s less stress on every part of me. And it pays well. But my grandchildren live a ways away. I’d love to be closer to them. But My Tribe and healthcare team is here…

And I really like my home…and no matter what — I would still have to work someplace.

The little things one never thought they would have to ponder.

Because we have options. Options our parents didn’t have. They worked until they didn’t. Our retirement looks nothing like theirs. THANK GODDESS!!

What a great post about All. The. Things! We are ‘freshmen’ all over again ❤

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned