I have been an OR nurse for much of my nursing career. What you don’t realize when you sign up for the job is you change clothes in a locker with other women twice a day. It was an amazing experience. To see your coworkers on that level — daily. Some were runners and would come in and shower — naked or sorta towel clad. I upped my underwear game for sure — FOR MY COWORKERS. Not because of sex or a man — but because it made ME feel more beautiful. We had Commando Thursdays — and commented on each other’s forms — we enjoyed this unique relationship with seeing ourselves through other’s eyes. And then, we would put on scrubs and walk out into the OR and save lives together.

I loved everything about this piece. I wanted to highlight the whole of it. So much wisdom and kindness in it for our sisters. ❤ Thank you so much for a truly beautiful piece. ❤

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Ann Litts

Ann Litts

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned