I have always thought best way to understand The Grace was to know — as my mother did — we all carry a cross. (Good Catholic Woman she was). The Grace helps us recognize two important facts — Our Cross is uniquely suited to Us — Our Path — Our Journey — Our Lessons. And secondly — Everyone Has One. No one escapes that part of the program. Even those Humans who seem to ‘have it all’ — also have Their Unique Cross to bear. It’s what makes them Human.

When I attended mass on a regular — I also belonged to a grief support group. There were 2 women who were my friends in the group. One had lost her child to cancer — the other her husband. As they spoke the empathy each had for the other’s situation was clear. But also — each could not image the pain of loss the other felt. The Mother who lost her child told us she would have felt completely undone by losing her spouse — her partner — her other half who was the only other person in the world who adequately shared her burden of the loss of their son. The Wife who lost her husband told us she could not imagine the pain of losing her either of her children as she assumed one day she might meet another man to love — yet — she would never have more children.

The Grace. Not with satisfaction or glee — but with acknowledgement of the Human condition. Recognition of All That We Are. Gratitude for Our Own Cross and the strength given to bear it. With Grace.

❤ As always Annie — thank you so much for reading and responding. ❤

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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